Monday, December 1, 2014

Feminism has the power to silence opposition in the media - Chris Good

FIRST VLOG - Feminism has the power to silence opposition in the media - Chris Good

A huge welcome to everyone who views this blog.

Unfortunately, for the time being, I have found that feminist outrage of an opposing view has, once again, won out, resulting in the deletion of my arguments against feminism that featured on Huffington Post. 

Those who saw them and took part in the comment thread discussions will remember the praise and credit that we all gave to Huffpost for having the courage and fair-mindedness to allow a voice that opposed feminism to feature in the publication.  No other media outlet had let me publish these pieces and we, quite rightly, celebrated Huffpost's new and objective attitude, which allowed both sides of the argument to feature and, more importantly, allowed everyone who viewed the site to listen to the entire discussion and make up their own minds.  Despite this praise, appreciation and positive response, Huffington have taken a step back to allowing the objections of the politically correct and the outrage feminism to skew the objective manner in which any media publication should work.

So, while I search for another publication that will have the freedom of information and argument at the forefront of their aims as a media outlet, I can...and will...continue by whatever means are necessary.  I have to mention that other authors, such as Dean Esmay, who spoke with courage and vulnerability were also wiped from Huffington Post, despite the honest and researched articles they produced.  

While the articles featured on Huffington, I was toying with the idea of starting a vlog for the purpose of encouraging the emerging dialogue between feminists, myself and men's rights activists, which I would still like to encourage.  However, for the time being, the vlog will serve as the most ready and able way to communicate my objections to feminism.  

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  1. Would you be willing to report those articles from the Huffington Post here on this blog


    Something you might like.

    You may not be able to comment there though (for some time atleast) -