Monday, November 17, 2014

Female-perpetrated sexual abuse and assault

A lot of us are still reeling from surprise that we've found ourselves able to publish truths about gender equality and male rights, that have been so often pushed aside, despite their need to be heard.

And this article is a fine example of why it's so important that men find a voice in feminist dominated media.

Here, Dean Esmay challenges us all to take an honest look at the subject of rape and opens our eyes to the fact that women can rape and harass men.

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  1. Not only that, but a 2007 study (abstract: and paper: from 2001 data with 11,370 showed that roughly 24% of the relationships surveyed contained violence. Of those, half of them were situations were both the man and woman were violent to each other.

    Of the rest, 70% of the perpetrators were women. I hear a lot of justification from women (violence apologists?) saying that the man "deserved" it or was "asking for it", or that they "cant hurt men". This same reasoning is justification for many women to publicly abuse men because they know they're not likely to face retaliation. Youtube is full of videos of women watching other women abuse men and doing nothing.

    I have never attacked anyone as an adult, and never anyone who wasn't a sibling (when we were kids). It's a point of pride to me that I can stay calm and listen even when I'm upset. I don't like to raise my voice, I don't like to hit things. Yet I've been "playfully" hit by women multiple times (usually with significant force), as poor attempts at jokes or flirting. Hurting someone is not funny. If you want to "play" make a fist and tap them on the shoulder. Don't punch or slap. Your complete lack of empathy for the person you love is not a reason for others to excuse your violent impulses.

    Any able-bodied person can kill another with a hit in the right place, and chucking furniture and objects at a person's head is domestic violence even if you miss. I was there to stop my sister being abused by her ex-husband, and I will say flat out that it is *never* justified to hit your partner in a relationship. An adult should never hit another person except in self-defense. You're not a child. You don't get revenge, you end it. If they're violent to you, walk away, get a restraining order and never look back.

    Erin Pizzey ( started one of the first women's shelters, and she publicly noted that many of the women escaping to the shelter were just as violent as the people they were escaping. Feminist leaders didn't like that information, so it has never made it into the public annals about domestic violence. Despite it being known before the big cultural push against domestic violence. The burying of this class of information is a huge factor in why female-on-male domestic violence rarely gets any airtime or prosecution, despite being just as prevalent.