Friday, December 29, 2017

With humble apologies for a long absence, I offer this video as a first 'hello' as I step back into the gender equality discussion.

My hope is to contribute, once more, to a debate and discussion that will help to bring peace to a squabble that should be a productive pursuit of societal growth and development as we apply what we have learned from the mistakes of our past in order to establish a brighter future, for everyone.

In this video I explain why I have been absent from a discussion that I believe is extremely important (but it is an absence I fail to reasonably justify, especially after such awesome support).  I also explain a little about the book I am writing and what has kept me engaged with awareness of gender equality issues -even in the times when I have been absent from the discussion.

I appreciate that I will need further support to gain momentum once more and that this relies on the grace of those I have let down in my silence.  I ask for it, nonetheless...and would appreciate any support and interaction you would like to offer.



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